Making the complex simple.

We help to make the Accident Benefits Claims quantification process simpler. From our 24 hour turnaround on initial assessments to our ongoing dialogue on complex cases, we’re committed to providing you with timely reporting and objective, reliable results.

Proven expertise in eDiscovery.

H&A eDiscovery is dedicated to helping legal professionals strategically identify, capture, review and produce all forms of digital evidence.

Finding value in the loss.

Substantiating a Commercial Loss is equal parts analysis and intuition, skills that are developed through years of experience. Count on H&A to bring unparalleled expertise to your Commercial Loss claims.

Seeing is believing.

With Ringtail you can quickly navigate and review search results or other information sets by exploring the conceptual relationships between groups of related documents with Document Mapper.

All Encompassing.

In Tort claims quantification, it is critical to consider every potentially relevant factor. H&A’s comprehensive income loss analysis provides a solid foundation for your case.

A new way of seeing.

Navigating the size and complexity of electronic evidence can be a staggering process. Introducing Ringtail 8.3, the most powerful eDiscovery software and significant upgrade offered today.



For over 25 years, H&A has provided trusted advisory services and eDiscovery solutions to its corporate and legal clients faced with business and litigation risks. Our clients benefit from not only H&A’s significant expertise in forensic accounting and eDiscovery strategic consulting services but also its ability to offer advanced scalable technologies. With today’s increasingly complex legal, regulatory and economic environments, H&A is dedicated to making the complex simple.

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Forensic Accounting:

H&A Supports the 16th Annual WICC Ontario Golf

On July 6th, 2015, H&A supports the16th Annual WICC Ontario Golf Tournament. read more.

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H&A e-Discovery Inc. Announcing the Latest Version of Ringtail®

Toronto, ON – January 30, 2014 – H&A eDiscovery Inc., Canada’s only Premium Ringtail Hosting Partner of FTI Technology, is  excited to share that next Tuesday, February 4th, FTI Technology will announce a new version of Ringtail®. read more.

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